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Currently, Bound is changing shape and form to become bigger, better, and go boom!
Our website therefore is under construction.

Bound helps brands and individuals grow and excel   through the power of story-telling

We believe in content with purpose, a sharp narrative edge, and clear results. We conceptualize original content across formats and touch points, empowered by strategic collaborations with relevant partners for audiences in India and abroad. Our team has their fingers on the pulse of the creative industry, and actively shapes conversations within Bound’s ever-growing community.

Bound in Numbers

  • More than 50,000 active community members across platforms
  • Worked with 40 brands
  • Worked with 25 of India’s leading publishers, agents, and digital platforms
  • Mentored over 5,000 creators

Our Clients

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What’s New

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Ghost-Writing Services

We help experts, coaches, founders and anyone with a unique point of view to present their stories, experiences and wisdom. Our team offers end -to- end creative assistance and will help you shape and share your story while staying true to your voice.

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Podcast Production

Create chart-topping podcasts with our end to end production services. From conceptualisation to launch, the Bound team is with you every step of the way. Previous podcasts have reached the top 5 list on Apple podcasts and have garnered 2.5 million listens.

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Take your writing to the next level in weekly one-on-one sessions your mentor. Our experts design the curriculum according to your vision and writing objectives and give detailed feedback on your work-in-progress.

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